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ETUK & Ireland is dedicated to delivering professional EMMETT Therapies training for human therapists, and providing information and resources to assist you in locating a registered therapist in your local area. 

Pay Per View Video Tutorials


Learn an EMMETT Technique release and try it before you book onto a course with the video tutorials presented by Ross Emmett.

Two releases are available to learn:  Gastroc Calf Release and SCM Neck Release.
Each video tutorial costs only £5 and provides unlimited views for 30 days.

"My technique is widely recognised as a gentle, safe and simple way to apply
muscle release therapy based on an understanding of the body’s response to light touch."


- Ross Emmett

What is it all about?

This unique body relaxation therapy created by Ross Emmett has people very excited!
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Enjoy the relaxing response EMMETT can create and be aware how your body feels freer.
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The EMMETT Technique is easy to learn. There are short courses for beginners and the curious and a schedule of training modules for those wishing to expand their training.

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Wow! So pleased with what I’ve achieved after Modules 1&2!

Thank you for all your care, attention and support during Modules 1 & 2 of the training. I really enjoyed… Read more “Wow! So pleased with what I’ve achieved after Modules 1&2!”

Discomfort is radically reduced

I see a lady for Personal training who has fibromyalgia and is in pain most of the time. Since I… Read more “Discomfort is radically reduced”

Outstanding success combining EMMETT with Pilates

The EMMETT Technique is the most valuable ‘tool’ in my ‘tool box’! It works perfectly with my Pilates practice and… Read more “Outstanding success combining EMMETT with Pilates”

EMMETT had immediate effect on my neck!

I am a deep tissue massage therapist and am also qualified in other forms of massage, Reflexology, and Reiki. I… Read more “EMMETT had immediate effect on my neck!”

I love the simplicity of EMMETT

I have been using the EMMETT Technique for 2 years now in my practice as a body therapist. I love… Read more “I love the simplicity of EMMETT”

Results that just blow your mind

I would like to thank you for an amazing and informative course a couple of weeks ago. I am now… Read more “Results that just blow your mind”

“Fantastic weekend course”

Really just wanted to say thank you for a fantastic weekend. I got so much out of it and enjoyed… Read more ““Fantastic weekend course””

This stuff is incredible!

I’m still blown away with what I learned at the EMM-Tech course. This stuff is incredible. I’m implementing it into my… Read more “This stuff is incredible!”

I feel empowered!

What can I say? A superb course that has released so much within me and empowered me to help others… Read more “I feel empowered!”

Still no drugs

Still no drugs and back at work, everyone stunned at the recovery,and so quick
1 of our nurse prescribers… Read more “Still no drugs”

Better than sex !

Just saw the lady with the locked jaw. She says she has not been able to open her mouth very… Read more “Better than sex !”

Minor injuries can be resolved straight away with no break in training

The use of EMMETT Therapy has hugely enhanced the outcome of my treatments of clients with MS, stroke and Parkinsons… Read more “Minor injuries can be resolved straight away with no break in training”

It’s all fitting together nicely!

Thank you for four inspiring days on EP1 & 2, in Birmingham.  My mind and body are still processing all… Read more “It’s all fitting together nicely!”

It’s good stuff!

2 good results this morning: – a regular patient with bad fibromyalgia having trouble abducting arms. ACJ moves worked brilliantly,… Read more “It’s good stuff!”

What amazing results!

I have been a massage therapist for 12 years. Integrating the EMMETT Technique using Ross’ theory, application methods with massage… Read more “What amazing results!”

I’ve had amazing results!

I thank you so much for allowing me this opportunity!!  It was such a good course. I had amazing results… Read more “I’ve had amazing results!”

The pain went away and has not returned

One of my patients had a persistent pain in the side of his leg that had resisted several attempts at treatment… Read more “The pain went away and has not returned”

I was “blown away”

I came to know the Emmett Technique almost by accident as an EMM-Tech day had been organised by my Body… Read more “I was “blown away””

Your patience is exceptional

Thank you- lovely course as always and your patience is exceptional! Sylvia, Senior Physiotherapist

EMMETT is a valuable part of my everyday practice

The EMMETT Technique is a valuable part of my everyday practice in treating patients. The general feedback I get from… Read more “EMMETT is a valuable part of my everyday practice”

I only planned to attend Modules 1&2… now I’ve completed EP6!

I started my EMMETT Practitioner Training, in Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland, in February 2015. I only planned to attend Modules 1&2… Read more “I only planned to attend Modules 1&2… now I’ve completed EP6!”

EMMETT has provided me with precision, purpose and meaningful treatments

Ross Emmett’s Technique is the quickest most effective treatment out there. By incorporating it into my existing disciplines clients invariably… Read more “EMMETT has provided me with precision, purpose and meaningful treatments”

Terrific training!

Thank you for a terrific Module 3. Really looking forward to Module 4 and will gets lots of practice in… Read more “Terrific training!”

Thank you. I no longer walk like a crab!

I just want to thank you so much for your treatment that day a couple of weeks ago. You worked… Read more “Thank you. I no longer walk like a crab!”