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ETUK & Ireland is dedicated to delivering professional EMMETT Therapies training for human and animal therapists, and providing information and resources to assist you in locating a registered therapist in your local area. 

Pay Per View Video Tutorials

Learn an EMMETT Technique release and try it before you book onto a course with the video tutorials presented by Ross Emmett.

Two releases are available to learn:  Gastroc Calf Release and SCM Neck Release.  Each video tutorial costs only £5 and provides unlimited views for 30 days.

``My technique is widely recognised as a gentle, safe and simple way to apply muscle release therapy based on an understanding of the body’s response to light touch.``

- Ross Emmett


What is it all about?

This unique body relaxation therapy created by Ross Emmett has got people buzzing with excitement!

How can such a light touch create an almost instant feeling of ease in that area of the body? Clients look at EMMETT therapists in amazement!

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Need a treatment?

Enjoy the relaxing response EMMETT can create and notice how your body feels easier and freer.  

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Train to be a therapist

Come and join the ever increasing group of therapists trained in the EMMETT Technique and enjoy your clients response! This internationally recognized technique is taught in over 30 countries worldwide.

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Training Dates

We offer a range of EMMETT courses all over the UK and Ireland for budding practitioners to learn and qualify to treat people, dogs and horses. See the full timetable of courses available and when and where they are held by clicking below.
EMMETT Practitioner Course Dates
EMMETT for Dogs Practitioner Course Dates
EMMETT for Horses Practitioner Course Dates 

Become an EMMETT Technique Practitioner

Join one of our courses and begin your EMMETT journey

The EMMETT Technique is easy to learn. There are short courses for beginners and the curious and a schedule of training modules for those wishing to expand their training.
Visit our Training pages to learn more.

Latest News

    • 7TH JUNE 2019
    “EMMETT is a valuable part of my everyday practice”

    “EMMETT is a valuable part of my everyday practice”

    The EMMETT Technique is a valuable part of my everyday practice in treating patients.  The general feedback I get from those who have experienced the technique is they feel they maintain a sense of well being for a longer period of time and some folks have been amazed by the deep effective changes that can

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    • 5TH JUNE 2019
    “EMMETT has provided me with precision, purpose and meaningful treatments”

    “EMMETT has provided me with precision, purpose and meaningful treatments”

    Ross Emmett’s Technique is the quickest most effective treatment out there. By incorporating it into my existing disciplines clients invariably have a positive change to their pain or discomfort within the first session, which quite often is all that is needed. Learning with Ross and his team has improved my assessment skills, shown the great importance

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    • 4TH JUNE 2019
    “I only planned to attend Modules 1&2… now I’ve completed EP6!”

    “I only planned to attend Modules 1&2… now I’ve completed EP6!”

    I started my EMMETT Practitioner Training, in Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland, in February 2015. I only planned to attend Modules 1&2 to see what it was all about. Two years and twelve modules later, I have achieved the status of Advanced EMMETT Practitioner. I was taught and supported by Sue Gassick, Director and Senior Instructor at

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    • 3RD JUNE 2019
    “Minor injuries can be resolved straight away with no break in training”

    “Minor injuries can be resolved straight away with no break in training”

    The use of EMMETT Therapy has hugely enhanced the outcome of my treatments of clients with MS, stroke and Parkinsons disease – particularly in the area of balance and core stability. I am also the physiotherapist for Tenbury Wells Amateur boxing club; EMMETT Therapy allows me to treat the boxers in a gym environment without

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EMMETT Therapies including: The EMMETT Technique, EMM-Tech and Tom Bowen’s Therapy (TBT) are not intended to replace or substitute any medical advice or treatment. It is recommended that you consult your General Practitioner about any health concerns.
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