Thank you for all your care, attention and support during Modules 1 & 2 of the training. I really enjoyed both days and felt that I learnt so much.

I have attended lots of courses and training in the past and often felt lost. I, like Ross, am dyslexic and most courses are not set up to cater for people who are bright but think differently. The Emmett method of course delivery is like the technique – simple and effective. For me being shown what to do, then practicing, seeing pictures and hearing you talk through each technique was perfect. I also like the fact that we will be revisiting modules 1 & 2 when I come back for module 3. Please could you pass my thanks and feedback on to Ross.

You’ll be pleased to know I’ve started to practice and treated my first person on Tuesday evening. I was nervous and looking at my notes. I was also amazed that I had success. The lady has arthritis in her hips and struggles with ROM. Doing the psoas work we learnt in module 1 made significant improvements to her ability to move freely and her balance in the push test.

Very best wishes, Liz