Tony came to treat my 16.2hh thoroughbred gelding Rex after he had spent 19-days in an equine hospital, recovering from acute lymphangitis. Nearly two months after the incident, although the wounds were much healed, there was still significant residual swelling on the affected leg – plus, as an ex-racehorse, I was keen for Tony to give him an overall check-up.

I was so amazed by my horse’s reaction, moving from initial wariness to actively asking Tony to continue the treatment within a matter of minutes. Tony’s gentle, quiet manner, unending patience and clear love of horses shines through and quickly earned him the respect of this particular equine client!

This was stage one of our treatment, but I could literally see the swelling diminish on my horse’s leg and his movement of the affected joint was much improved. Best of all, it was patently evident that this was a treatment that Rex not only benefitted from physically, but one which he obviously enjoyed! I can’t recommend Tony highly enough, his impressive knowledge combined with his obvious passion for the job, means that he is only interested in the optimum outcome, regardless of how long he needs to spend with the animal.

For me, it’s a no brainer to now include routine visits from Tony as part of Rex’s ongoing health maintenance programme.

Thank you Tony!


– Carla Wessel