“I stumbled upon Emmett4Horses and Tony Sherry by chance while looking at equine massage courses and signed up for the one day short course.

I had already been a certified equine body worker for some 6 years (Masterson Method) and thought I’d look at Emmett, though I was a little sceptical about how much the methods would add to my existing toolbox and how effective the moves would be. One thing that appealed was that human techniques are taught alongside the equine techniques and the idea is that Emmett can help both the horse and the rider at the same time.

In the event, it was a real eye opener – not so much with the horses, but with the treatment Tony performed on me.

I have osteoarthritis in both hands and it’s difficult to close my hands. After 5 minutes of Tony using Emmett techniques on my hands I was able to make a fist for the first time in years, with no effort or discomfort! (It’s now been over a week since the course and my hands are still as flexible and there has been a significant reduction in discomfort).

So, I’m fairly convinced that if Emmett can have that effect on me there’s every chance that it will have an equally beneficial effect on horses and so far my own horses seem to enjoy the few moves I’ve been taught and there is a visible improvement in their way of going. I’m definitely signing up to do the Emmett4Horse practitioner course and would thoroughly recommend looking at this great system.

Thank you Tony! ”

Bern Easterford – Introductory Course Student