This is an opportunity for your EMMETT expertise to shine, whilst helping others to assist themselves.  


Are you eligible?

To be eligible to attend EMMETT Technique Workshop Tutor training you must have the following:

  • completed the full EMMETT Technique Practitioner training to Module 6 Review


  • have your Module 6 Review booked in shortly after the Tutor Training date.

All EMMETT Practitioners are free to attend this full, exciting, extra day of training to discover whether or not you have what it takes to teach EMMETT Technique Workshop to others.

Attendance on the day doesn't automatically guarantee acceptance as a Tutor. It is not for everybody. But your technique accuracy and understanding will benefit enormously across all 11 moves by putting a teacher's hat on for the day, being careful with the clarity of your finger positions and being forced to articulate how to do each move to others clearly.

It completes the "see one, feel one, do one......teach one" learning cycle. As such is a valuable addition to your EMMETT Training.

What is EMMETT Technique Workshop?

Which releases are taught in the Workshop?

Sternocleidomastoid (SCM)
Pec Minor
Lat dorsi
Foot Balance

What happens on the Tutor Training Day? 

Tutor Training involves:

  •  Go through all of the 11 moves to ensure you are clear with them.
  • We show you how to clearly demonstrate each move to others, paying particular attention to the clarity of your finger positions and the words you use.
  • You will practise in groups of 3 teaching each other - 1 person will play Tutor, 1 the audience and 1 the demo body and then everyone will swap over. We don't ask anyone to teach in front of the whole group so fear not.
  • We also talk about what's involved in setting up a course, running the course, managing the group, the admin involved before and after the course and of course the finances.

It is a relaxed day with some like-minded EMMETT therapists.

What happens after the Tutor Training Day?

If you enjoy the day and feel and display confidence in the teaching you may progress to the next stage.

We don't expect you to be perfect on the day. Continuing your study and practice at home will of course be necessary.

The next stage would be connecting with one of our Instructors - whose courses you can attend and practise your teaching with 1 or 2 moves. Once the Instructor feels you're ready to go you will be eligible to sign up to teach your own courses.

Financial arrangements for EMMETT Technique Workshop Tutor training

The price for the EMMETT Technique Workshop Tutor training day is £170.

Upon signing up as a Tutor there is a AUD 250 license fee for a 2-year license plus ongoing payment of 20% of any student fees you collect.

Why be an EMMETT Technique Workshop Tutor?

EMMETT Technique Workshop Tutoring is a WIN-WIN-WIN all around!

  • For the Tutor it's a great way to promote your skills, helping you build your business and increase your client base.
  • For the community - they get fabulous skills for life.
  • For EMMETT  - the more people who hear and know about the magic of EMMETT the better for everyone!


Training Dates


Already an EMMETT Technique Workshop Tutor?

Just a reminder that to keep your skills fresh and accurate, your contract states you need to attend the EMMETT Technique Workshop Tutor training every 2 years (at half price because you are repeating).

Already attended Tutor Training but haven't signed up yet?

If you have previously attended Tutor Training and have taken it no further maybe now is the right time to review and take the next step. You can do so at half price. Get in touch to find out more.

EMMETT Technique Workshop Tutor training counts as CPD

 Another good reason to attend - if you need your CPD hours.


We look forward to hearing from you.

Please get in touch if you have any questions: