What will I learn in EP6

(Approved version 2016)

  • Bent Arm Raise – for difficulty raising a bent arm for eating, etc.
  • Additional Omohyoid Release – for pain / tension deep to upper traps along superior border of scapula.
  • Deep Pain around the ASIS – for deep pain around ASIS and difficulty lifting knee when standing.
  • Anterior Tibialis Pain
  • Instep Pain Combinations – for pain in the instep orginating from the lower back.
  • Abdominal Cramp – for cramping in abdominal area, and below the rib cage and into the ribs.
  • The Handshake – for additional information of problematic areas.
  • Summaries of Omohyoid, Jaw, ASIS, Gracilis, Pec Minor and Back Crossover moves.

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