What can I look forward to learning in EP5

(Approved version 2016)

  • SI Joint Releases – for deep pain radiating from the SI joint into the hip or upper thigh.
  • Upper Thigh Release – for deep pain the thigh.
  • Gracilis – for ridigity in the gracilis and restriction behind the knee.
  • Patella Crossover – to clear restrictions from around the patella.
  • Upper Soleus Release – for deep cramp in the soleus and upper calf tension.
  • Foot Instep Pain – pain in the instep which orginiates from the lower back.
  • Broad Back Release – to release the upper back and shoulders, including latissimus dorsi and trapezius.
  • Teres Minor Overstrain – for pain in both the pecs and teres minor when moving the shoulder forward.
  • Upper Scapula Pain – for persistent deep pain above the spine of the scapula.
  • Subscapularis Release – for pain deep underneath the armpit.

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