What can you look forward to learning in EP4

(Approved version 2014)

  • Lower Back Compression – for pain in the lower back on the action of rising or sitting.
  • Oblique Attachment & 12th Rib – for side cramping, assists pelvic floor weakness.
  • SCM Crossover – for neck restriction with pain at the upper attachment of the SCM.
  • Frontal Headache – for headaches at the base of the occiput radiating to above the eye.
  • Jaw Release Combinations – for jaw restriction, jaw tension, facial tension, temporal headaches, head congestion.
  • Elbow Pain – pain in the elbow when extending and flexing the arm and when reaching out to pick something up.
  • Arm Pain – for isolated pain in the biceps, forearm or wrist, or pain radiating all the way down the arm from shoulder to wrist.
  • Toe Flexibilty – for lack of flexibility and agility in toe movement, inability to grip with the toes.
  • Ankle Flexibilty – for lack of mobility and flexiblity around the ankle joint.
  • Shin Pain – for shin pain, extreme sensitivity at the Sartorius Point.

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