What can I look forward to learning in EP3

(Approved version 2014):

  • PSIS Pain – for deep seated pain in the sacral joint.
  • Omohyoid / 45 – for deep pain in the lower neck and upper shoulder that other moves are not releasing.
  • Levator Scap X Piriformis – for tightness and cramp and twist in hips.  Very helpful with scoliosis.
  • Sight – Chest / Neck – to improve vision loss and blurry vision.
  • Adductor Magnus / Upper Sacral Notch – move for dragging / dropping inner pelvic and lower abdominal pain.
  • Sternum / Thoracic – for discomfort deep in the chest and feelings of emptiness.
  • Spinal Tap with Conception Balance – to create whole body relaxation.
  • Lats / Traps – for mid-back restriction and cramp.
  • Wrist Pain – for pain on flexion and extension of the wrist, restriction extending the fingers.
  • Ankle Pain – for deep pain in the ankle joint, for sharp pain in the lower leg on walking.
  • Combination Suggestions – suggested useful possible sequences.


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