Additional EMMETT Technique training is offered to those who have achieved EMMETT Practitioner status. These “advanced” workshops really take the EMMETT Technique to a whole new level.  The releases taught are the developments Ross has made since first putting together the Modular course.

There are 6 levels of EMMETT Professional (EP) training: EP1 – EP6.

Each level is taught over 2 days and cost £340 / €340 and £170 / €170 for repeaters.

EP’s are generally scheduled with an interval of 2 – 4 months.

At EP6 a written and practical assessment is offered and a Certificate of Proficiency awarded when a pass is achieved.  This qualifies the participant as an Advanced EMMETT Technique Practitioner. Assessment is optional. A Certificate of Attendance is provided where the participant is not assessed.  EP workshops are attended in numerical order.


What can I look forward to learning in EP1

Approved version 2014:

  • The Spinal Balance – to integrate the spine for clear communication and stability. Where there is a lack of focus and clarity.
  • Oesophagus Release Sequence for abdominal pain after eating. Also assists pain under the sternum, reflux, and breathing restrictions.
  • Atlas-Axis / Third eye integration.
  • A move to release deep seated hamstring pain and sciatic pain into the leg.
  • Bowel and kidney moves to add to the Lymphatic drainage sequence.
  • A move for deep deltoid pain.
  • Further combinations and cross body moves using Command keys for unwinding and addressing pain and trauma.
  • Further jaw work.


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