EMMETT Technique

Select the course to suit you and begin your EMMETT journey.

EMMETT for Horses

Love horses? You’ll love our courses. Something for everyone.

EMMETT for Dogs

Your dog deserves it! Find out more about our dog courses.

Join a workshop and learn the EMMETT Technique!

Whether you are interested in people or animals, are an experienced therapist or simply wanting to learn some easy techniques to help yourself, your family, your friends or your animal friends, there is a workshop just right for you.

Practitioner Courses.  These are extended courses for those wishing to add a professional qualification to their existing tool kit or for those wishing to train in EMMETT as their first therapy. They include:  The EMMETT Technique Practitioner Course (for people), the EMMETT Horse Practitioner Course and the EMMETT Dog Practitioner Course.

Introductory Short 1-day Courses.  These are primarily designed for non-professionals looking for some easy self-help techniques that can also be used to assist family, friends and animals. They include: The EMM-Tech Short Course (for people), the EMMETT Horse Short Course and the EMMETT Dog Short Course. They are also an ideal low cost introduction for trained therapists to see what EMMETT is all about.

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